The Kingdom Of God Is Not In Talking But In Doing: The APC Debacle By John F. Akpata

It is a popular cliche that talk is cheap. My Yoruba in-laws have a popular saying that it is easy to cook a delicious vegetable soup with mouth. Before the advent of the current government of the APC/ Buhari, the nation was inundated with noise of the non performances of the PDP government and Jonathan’s cluelessness which was coined by Prof Wole Soyinka and adopted as a national mantra by the garrulous ageing Lai Mohammed who shamelessly mouths all manners of falsehood to the admiration of the disenchanted nation.

The talk then was that Jonathan being a bloody civilian from Otuoke with no cognitive experience of National politics was not in position to wage war against Boko haram and therefore should give way to the lanky Daura born General who has been tested and found competent to deal  with the hydra headed problems of insecurity and corruption ravaging the PDP government. Nigerians were in agreement that a change was inevitable hence all the nobles, the royals, the Generals, the intelligentsia and even commoners wanted a change, the Jonathan government drew the ire of the United State of America under the smooth talking first black President Barrack Hussein Obama when he refused to drink from their pot of iniquity by refusing same sex marriage, the conspiracy against the Jonathan administration gained traction when Ahmed Bola Tinubu got an American organisation to repackage the Buhari personae to the consternation of everyone. All the threats and negative actions of Buhari against Nigeria and Nigerians were debunked under our nose, Tinubu clogged a broom jumping from podium to podium like a waterside frog denigrating the person and office of the President without molestation from any of the security agencies promising fiscal federalism and restructuring of the country, this proposal became very attractive to everyone who have been cheated or feeling cheated within the Nigeria project. Many obnoxious and ridiculous promises were made and the gullible, unanalytical populace fumbled and wobbled and fell for these godless liars. At a point, the ferocious Lagos/Ibadan axis of the Nigeria press went numb and dumb, they literally turned the heat on the Jonathan administration, no one not even me that live in the Federal Capital knew that there was massive construction of a railway line from the airport through IDU, Kubwa down to Kaduna for mass transportation of the Nigeria people, Lai Mohammed has polluted the entire space with his falsehood, Tinubu has bought over the Lagos Ibadan axis of the media. With Buhari and Tinubu on the same page, both Leadership newspapers and Daily Trust began to dish out falsehood like never before, the NTA as usual a recluse in Nigeria journalistic voyage was struggling to put out the bit it could gather with very poor viewing population. Channels Television which many depended on for a balanced information became compromised along the line. The AIT managed to stay on course owing to the partisanship of its owners. The entire Nigeria became a pawn in the chessboard of the contending political forces. Pronto to 2015, a new government was in place, as to be expected, there was the IGG (Initial gra gra) the Apc went to town to tell us that a new Sheriff has come to town and has not even started work but his body language alone is already changing things, the Nigerian people were full of expectations and optimism from the new government. The sign of palpable failure started in the early days of the administration when it failed to name a cabinet after 6 months in office. We were told Buhari was gathering the best brains in the land for the task ahead, Nigerians waited patiently, by the time Buhari released his cabinet, it was full of dead woods, rather than hit the ground running, they were busy chasing shadows with Lai Mohammed dishing out figures recovered from graveyards, Jibitanks, abandoned apartments etal.

Seven years down the line, insecurity has not only spread from the northeast, it has engulfed the entire nation. Buhari appointed all Muslims and Northern security heads with the sole aim that they will not sabotage his government like the Arnas (unbelievers) from the south but today, even Buhari can not walk the street of Katsina state as bandits would welcome him with a tea party. Buhari inherited an economy that was adjudged the fastest growing in Africa, he crumbled it, the exchange rate he met on ground, he destroyed it with his men using the CBN for round tripping, the civil service he met, he destroyed it, the oneness he met, he destroyed it and it became apparent that what Buhari and APC cannot destroy does not exist. A man who came to fight corruption, his chief law officer Abubakar Malami has been accused of corruption without Buhari doing anything about it. The garrulous minister of information Lai Mohammed and the chief executive of NBC at time Kawu Modibo were named in 2billion digital switch scandal, till this moment the case is swept under the carpet, How does saint Buhari explain to Nigerians the activities of Tunde in the Villa? This government stinks with corruption, recall Aisha Buhari lamented that of the 3billion budgeted for the Àsò Rock clinic not a packet of Panadol was purchased for the clinic and yet Lai Mohammed will shamefully come out to say that the government has performed above average in the three campaign promises made. Haba!!!boda Lai eberu Olorun!!!

On his 79th birthday, Garba Shehu sounding like a broken China began to reel out what he called the Buhari achievements, reading the piece was as annoying as my Chelsea team drawing with Burnley FC. Femi Adesina has taken the Buhari worship to a ridiculously low level that whenever he writes, within 30minutes, the insults and curses that are hauled at him speak volumes about the government he is struggling to promote. The electoral bill is begging for the president’s assent, as usual, Malami has misadvised a president who clearly lack the mental capacity to analyse anything and everything arising from his dementia state of health without considering the implications of withholding his assent to the bill. Our National Assembly under the rubber stamp leadership  of Senate President Ahmad Lawal and once upon a time opposition Leader now speaker Femi Gbajabiamila lack balls to override the president on this crucial bill. The APC government like the devil came to steal, kill and destroy. As I travelled along Lokoja Abuja road, I shuddered, seven years after this government took over, they have not been able complete the road.
The only area this government has shown class in these past seven years is poverty, the type of hunger in the land is such that our young school girls now misbehave at will just to keep body and soul together and these are people’s daughters and future leaders as we call them yet we still see Tinubu and Atiku trying to rob these youths of their glorious future. The only youth governor we have is more active on billboards that the street of Lokoja transforming from human to white Lion, where do we go from here, As the 2023 approaches with light speed, we must put aside ethnicity, religion and political parties and fish out a man with pedigree not analog players of 1999 to date. The next Nigerian president must not exceed 60 or at most 65. Enough of these Yahoomen, the time to retire them to their cow farms is now. After 7 years in the saddle, the APC has come to realise that governance is not in talking but in doing.
As the Christmas festivities are on, it is time to mobilise our people for the task ahead in 2023 that is, electing a Nigerian President.
Happy Christmas and New year in advance.

John Friday Akpata is Just Thinking Aloud Ni o.



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