The Obi Cubana"s Mother"s Funeral: Matters Arising By John F. Akpata

Like a thunderbolt, the Obi Cubana's mother’s funeral took the entire country by storm, set tongues wagging as to the  source of the man’s wealth. Before this event, little was known about the man behind the mask. The economic value of that “extravagant burial “ is still very palpable within the Òbà community. Obi Cubana represents what the Igbo race have come to be exemplified. Obi is an uneasy DOT in the circle that remains a dilemma and a recurring decimal. As expected, many commentators both informed and uninformed have come out with various interpretations of the event, some have come to believe that they are ritualists others believe they are into shady businesses or how do you explain people spending money in bundles? The answer is simple, the holy scriptures says give and it shall be given back to you in good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over shall MEN give unto you. As a practising Christian, I'm sufficiently informed enough to know that the word of God cannot be broken. The same holy book says cast your bread upon running waters and in many days, you will find it. This are natural and practicable words. The late Chief MKO Abiola ran for the presidency of Nigeria in 1993, it was reported that in every state of the federation, men who Abiola had helped were the ones who took responsibilities for the printing of his posters. Obi Cubana in his words is not the talking type or a social media person. The Cubana chief priest is even more popular than the owner of the business name. In his explanation to the quest of the public, he had narrated how he helped 58 youths  of his community to get into business with many of them today very successful. He also mentioned how he took100 graduates out of the community and launched them into international business with many of them billionaires in dollars and others multi millionaires. After the burial, same Obi Cubana dished out another N300million to 300 youths as start up capital. In another ten years from now, when Obi’s daughter will be getting married, your guess is as good as mine. In life, Impact is the key driver to nation building. The Igbos, hate them or love them represents a case study to both national economic growth and development, unfortunately, rather than integrate them by the Nigeria state, it has been either depriving them of their national dues or marginalising them deliberately. The Yoruba have a saying that “Adani loro, àgbà rà lo n fi ko ni” in other word, when you have a house maid and allow her to do all the house chores while your girl child will be sleeping, the future will reveal who is a wife material. The Igbos our DOT in a circle knew how the Nigeria state see them and they are not giving to complaints but rather they are given to survival strategy. Let me make an arrogant declaration here, any Nigerian that steal N1000 must deposit N600 in the pocket of the igbos. Except you do not use a car, stay in a hotel or use medications, what about the real estates? Many Nigerians today own personal houses, thanks to  the Igbo nation for providing estate services, this dot in a circle is agent of national development and integration. Rather that harness their technical know how, it is how to extinguish them. My Niger Delta brothers have constituted more danger than the IPOB yet we are not seen as terrorist, the Fulani herdsmen have become a national nuisance and embarrassment to even the president, they are not seen as terrorist. The swiftness with which Abubakar Malami pursues  a Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho, if same energy had been deployed to follow Abubakar Shakau and the heads of Fulani bandits Sheikh Gumi romances on national television, insurgency would have seized in Nigeria. While our northern brothers love and pursue power at all cost, one is tempted to ask what has been the benefit of the power to the northern almajiris roaming eateries with their plastic  plates in tattered clothing everyday? It is difficult to see any Igbo son or youth doing same. Does not this call to question the responsibility of the northern elders and elites? The Buhari regime has taken nepotism to a level never seen in the history of our country. With the millionaires in the north, how many of them have scholarships scheme for their teeming almajiri youths? How many have built university like their counterparts in the south? What is the value chain of the power they so much cherish? My prediction is that one day in this country, the Northern youths will be delivered from the hands of their thieving and inconsiderate leaders who have exploited their ignorance and illiteracy to ascend their political ladder to their detriment. Little wonder therefore that it is the Northern lawmakers and their few apologist like Orji Uzor Kalu that are opposing the use of electronic transmission of results as many of them can never win election in a straight contest. Back to the Igbo nation and the Obi Cubana burial funfair in Òbà Anambra state, the bread Obi cast on the running water only came back to him. Many people he helped set up that are today successful billionaires and millionaires spent those money you saw at Òbà. A fellow donated one trailer load of cows, another helped raise N247million all for Obi’s mother’s burial. How many people have I helped in life? How many have you help also in life? Did the holy scriptures not say that whatever a man sows shall he reap? Obi merely reaped what he sowed. I was privileged to work in the eastern part of Nigeria for almost five years, their sense of community is legendary. Wait a minute, have you seen where an Igbo son is buried in all your cemeteries around the country? No! If any Igbo son dies in Australia, they get his body back to his village, how many tribes do this in Nigeria? It is this sense of communality that has put the Igbos above any tribe in Nigeria, rather than eat the humble pie and copy their ingenuity, we have baptised them with national envy and jealousy. I am throwing a challenge to our nothern brothers particularly the elites, they should begin to empower their community youths like Obi Cubana and other Igbo elites have been doing, marrying younger wives and giving birth to children they cannot train is no longer sustainable. These children have become national embarrassment to even the elites. Attend any wedding in the north, if you are not vigilant, your food and drink is gone because of the scramble by these almajiri children, who is responsible for these, is it not their careless and greedy elites who use underage children to vote during our election? Are these facts not known to both the government and the northern elites? In their minds they are playing smart politics. Rather than hating the Igbos, it is time they are integrated and given their pride of place in Nigeria, they are a people of excellent spirit. Like the Jews in the bible every Igbo son and daughter knows his root but there are many almajiris who do not know their state of origin talk less of their villages. The absence of communal life has led to the easy recruitment into the army of boko haram and the bandits terrorising our country today.
When excellence begins to have a pride of place in our national polity, Nigeria will be great. I was informed this morning that the Nigeria team D’Tigers beat American national basketball team and most of the players both male and female of the national team are Igbos. The glory they bring does not go to the southeast but to Nigeria, the time to accord the dot it’s rightful place in the circle is now. Once again, Congratulations to Obi Cubana for stirring our consciousness. 

John Friday Akpata is Just thinking Aloud Ni o



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