Foods That Increase Your Belly Fat

Everyone wants to have a flat stomach, it seems to be in the rave these days, but aside from the fashion appeal of a flat abdomen, there are also health implications; abdominal fat can increase a person's risks of getting heart attacks, hypertension and even diabetes, there are some other conditions like metabolic syndrome that I won't bore you with.

Not all foods are equal, same way not all currencies are equal, some have more value than others, the same way when it comes to food, some are denser than others when it comes to calories.

One gram of cake does not have the same caloric value as one gram of fruits, you also need to know that the energy currency of the body is calories, no matter what you eat, it is saved as calories.

The body does not understand waste, so everything you eat is stored, and one way the body saves energy is fat, one place, the abdomen.

Here is a list of foods you should avoid if you want to keep your belly flat because of their high caloric content.

1.    Soda

Soda is any drink that sweetened with artificial sugars and high-fructose corn syrup.

A study done in the Journal of Nutrition says that consuming large amounts of fructose and excess artificial sugar results in increased belly fat.

 Some think that taking diet soda is better, but this is not true. The artificial sugar comes with its own risks.

 Steer clear of the sugary drink completely, and if you are a sweet tooth, take water that has been infused with fruits. They're much more hydrating and healthier.

2.   Alcohol

I know you do not like to hear this, but taking alcohol all the time is doing you more harm than good. Alcohol contains a lot of calories and we are not even exaggerating this.

One study showed that the way you drink is more important that what you drink.

The study showed that over the course of 30 days, people who had more than one drink in a sitting, even if it was just once a week, had more abdominal fat than those who drank small amounts of alcohol more regularly.

If you can stay away, good. If you can’t, try to limit your consumption, and like the companies will always say, drink responsibly.

3.   Artificial Fruit Juice

Just like soda, most fruit juices are full of additives, sweeteners, and, yes, they contain excess sugar. Especially the ones that are packaged and sold in the stores, do not fall for marketing gimmicks. Many of them contain sugar. Remember that sugar is stored as what? Fat!

Do yourself a favor and make your own juices and smoothies at home. Not only will it taste 100 times better, you'll know each ingredient is fresh and healthy. And rest assured: Your belly fat will not get worse. You’ll thank me later

4.   White Bread

Bread is everyone’s pride and joy, but it is not the best choice if you want a healthy diet, it is best to limit them if you want a trim waistline

One study found that diets rich in "dense acellular carbohydrates" promote inflammation and weight gain and bread is one of them.

Try reaching for whole grain meals instead, they contain healthier carbs.

5.   Cake

Same as above, refined carbs are bad for your waistline and some cakes contain insane amounts of calories.

You have to take them if at all in small amounts.



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