My Encounter With DSS - Oshiomhole

The National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, yesterday, opened up on his controversial interrogation by men of the Department of State Service, DSS, insisting that what happened was a conversation and not an interrogation. 

Oshiomhole, who was in the news during the past week as having been invited and interrogated by the DSS on alleged corrupt practices arising from the primaries of the APC, took time to debunk and shred what he described as a tissue of fabrication. 

Just arriving from the United States of America, USA, where he said he had to rush to because of an urgent family matter, the National Chairman explained what he called his vision for the APC, a vision which, he said, may have been misunderstood by many of his friends among whom were governors and legislators. 

Addressing the specific issue of his interrogation by the DSS, the APC Chairman, who spoke to a select group of editors, laughed off the insinuation that he was arrested or detained. “If you say I was interrogated by the DSS, you would be implying something totally different. There is nothing strange in the DSS having a chat with me”, he said. “Let me tell you, from my days as a labour leader, when I’ve been visiting the ‘E-Department, which later became the Nigeria Security Organisation, NSO, which is not known as the DSS, there is nothing new about it. “In fact, based on the mandate of the DSS, which is the security and peace of the nation, it has every right to have a chat with anybody in so far as that chat would be for the enhancement and peace and stability of Nigeria. “Yes, I was at their office. Yes, we had a conversation on some matters arising from the primaries of our great party, the APC. Yes, they wanted me to shed some light on some issues. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong in that as the National Chairman of the ruling party. I’ve read so many things in the newspapers about what transpired. But I can tell you there is nothing to it. “Yes, I was there. Some people have written that I was asked to resign based on the question you asked. But the DSS is not my employer. My political party, which produced the government in power, is my employer, so that matter does not arise.” Asked specifically about the allegation of corruption or inducement from some party members, Oshiomhle scoofed at the thought. “Let me tell you, I’ve heard some people talk about bribe and Imo State. I’ve looked round and I’m asking myself, who, in Imo State can afford to bribe me”, Oshiomhole stated? “Ordinarily, I should be protective of the person in power who should have the resources to dole out something. But I’m standing on principle, so that cannot happen and that did not happen. So, who is it in Imo that can induce me?”