Ekweremadu Reiterates Call For Single Term For President, Governors

Deputy Senate President, Senator Ike Ekweremadu has reiterated his call for a single term for the president and governors.
Ekweremadu in his Facebook post yesterday said, “As is always the case, Nigeria’s political atmosphere is getting toxic ahead of the 2019 general elections and governance is taking a backseat. Unfortunately, this atmosphere, with the accompanying brazen political excesses are unlikely to abate until well after the 2019 general elections.
“Unable to resist the temptations that come with enormous power of incumbency, those who call the shots today throw everything within their reach into the mix in desperate efforts to retain power at all costs and by all means.
“The feverish political climate in the country today, once again, justifies the call by some of us for a single term of five or six years for the president and governors.
“Although a renewable four-year term is popular, societies are dynamic and it is up to us to make necessary constitutional adjustments to safeguard our democracy and make periods leading up to our elections less toxic.
“For over 150 years, starting from George Washington up to Harry Truman, there was no term limit for presidents of the United States of America.”
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OLAKUNLE • 0 minutes ago
Liar! You misled your people into a political peril.... . ...
Dejandon • 24 minutes ago
what about a single National Assembly? Just keep the house of reps alone!
Second Sight • 38 minutes ago Related



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