Herdsmen Killings: It’s Time To Renegotiate Our Union, Says Bakare

The Serving Overseer of Latter Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakare, has faulted the manner the President Muhammadu Buhari - led Federal Government is handling the killings by Fulani herdsmen, saying the government is “laying a foundation for cyclonic eruption of violence” in the country.
Bakare , who was Buhari's running mate during the 2011 presidential election, accused the President of double standard, pointing out that while the Federal Government led by Buhari was quick to deploy military might against the agitating Indigenous People of Biafra, same government developed a cold feet to the menace by herdsmen that were taking lives.
He said in a sane country, such a government would have since been ousted.
Bakare said this on Sunday while addressing journalists in his church, in the Ogba area of Lagos, shortly after he spoke on the state of the nation, in a broadcast he tagged, “It is time to renegotiate our union. ”
Asked by journalists for his reaction to how the Federal Government is handling the killings by herdsmen, the cleric said, “ I felt the government maintained what I call deliberate, sinful silence and it’s unfortunate that that can happen in this country.
“Look at what happened to IPOB; they mobilised massively both military and Air Force, to go because of a man who is not killing anybody but just saying there would be no election. And this is where people, literally, are being murdered and nothing was done. That ’s not justice and you are laying foundation of cyclonic eruption of violence because once retaliation or reprisal begins, we can ’t handle it. An eye for an eye will render all of us blind. What happened to those 70 people is a sad tale. In fact, in a decent society, such a government will be shown the way out .”
He also scored Buhari ’s anti -corruption fight low, pointing to the dismissal of some of the corruption charges filed by the government against certain high - profile personalities.
He said , “The ineffectiveness of the anti -corruption war is seen in the loss of crucial corruption cases. For instance, in April 2017, the Federal Government lost four high - profile corruption cases in 96 hours. ”
Bakare once again reiterated that he would run for President, declaring that God had given him the mandate to take over power and lead the country into its “prophetic destiny.”
He said though he would not run for election, he would definitely take over power by God ’s arrangement at a time to be chosen by God.
Speaking on the structure through which he would take over power, Bakare said, “Gerald Ford was minding his own business then when the Fifth Amendment came; without any election, he was running as the Vice- President, and then the President resigned – Watergate Scandal – and he ( Ford) became the President.
“George Washington was a consensus President; his election was: ‘We want you to come and serve us,’ and he said ‘I will not take a dime except for stationery and the things that I will use for the office .’ That's one aspect of it.
“When Chief Obafemi Awolowo became , more or less, the Vice -President , he was coming straight from prison like ( biblical ) Joseph. Is that election? The election of June 12 (1993) what did it produce? Is it election that we need now or to restructure our country? I am not a politician in the sense of looking for a platform to campaign for election and run riot and go up and down. I am not saying it is wrong. That ’s the only method you know, but there are other methods. So, let me keep my bird in the pocket, when the time comes, I will bring it out.”
He argued that the only way the country could prosper was to restructure into six geo -economic zones.




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