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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Nigerians Deserve to Know Buhari’s Health Status

A former spokesman , United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Eduardo Cue, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to end the speculations surrounding his health by opening up to Nigerians about his illness.
He stated that Nigerians deserved to know the health status of their President so they could be sure his ailment was not interfering with his ability to lead the country.

Cue, who was in the country to conduct a training seminar for government spokespersons in Abuja, noted that the secrecy surrounding the President ’s health was responsible for the speculations about his status.
The seminar for the government communications officers was sponsored by the United States Embassy in Abuja to ensure unfettered access to information and transparency in public communications.
The media consultant said the presidential spokespersons may not be complicit in the secrecy surrounding Buhari ’s health, noting that they may be in the dark about it too like other Nigerians.
He said, ”Am not sure the President’s spokespersons know what is wrong with him and it is better they don’t know so they don ’t have to lie.
“If he is really ill, you can see that he has been traveling, the danger in revealing his status is that they may want him to step aside and he may not want to.
“But why not just cut the rumors, go in front of the Nigerian people, explain what has happened and then continue, that is what I would advise him to do if I were his spokesman.”
The ex- UN spokesman noted that something must be terribly wrong for Buhari to have spent over 150 days in a London hospital, arguing that his action put the nation ’s security at risk.
He called for more transparency in public affairs, stressing that the government has a duty to inform the people about what is going on.
Cue said that the training for the government communications officers was to get them to be as transparent as possible , stressing that the people deserved to know what is going on in official quarters.
He added, “ For example, what is going on in Nigeria regarding the health of the President is to us in the West absolutely unbelievable.
“We believe, I believe that the Nigerian people have a right to know exactly, exactly what is the state of his health and what is wrong with him, what he is suffering from and why.”
Cue, who had conducted communication trainings for government officials, including French and American ambassadors, explained that it was not enough for the government officials to assure Nigerians about the President’ s health, stating that it is the right of the citizens to know.
“Why do the Nigerian people have this right? Because the Nigerian people and the Nigerian institutions have to be certain that his condition is not interfering with his ability to do his job and comments from the government that it is not interfering are not enough , ” he explained.


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