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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Top 5 Ideas for Lent 2017

Is Easter not more special? We often spend so much energy and money on Christmas that we sort of fall into Easter without spending time prior to this beautiful event, contemplating, preparing our hearts and been mindful.
Do you celebrate Lent every year, the season that leads up to Easter? Are you looking for the perfect ideas for Lent? Then you have the right article for this.
Lent is a period of sober reflection, self-examination, repentance, fasting and preparation for the coming of Easter. It begins on Ash Wednesday and end on the Saturday before Easter.
Here are a few perfect ideas for you and your family:

      Say nice things and spend more time with your family:
Trust me this isn’t as easy as you may think it is, but try saying things that aren’t the normal “Thanks” or “You look nice.” Try to say important words to your partner or kids,words like “I love how you always help with the kids.” or“I love how you work hard on your homework k, even when it is tough.”  Remember your words form the inner voice of your children as they grow older and we only have a few years to really be present in the lives of our loved ones.  Let’s spend these years wisely, treat your partner to a delightful evening of great buffet meal at Radisson blu Lagos or a dream holiday at Epe Resort.
      Replace TV time with extra minutes of Devotion and Prayer:
Read a devotional or bible story with your family and have a discussion about it at least once a day. Even the young kids can get involved in this. These are perfect times for you and the members of family to reflect on vital issue and retrace your steps where needed.

Do not buy anything you do not need:
If you can live without it, then you don’t need it.  Put the money the money you would have spent on that pretty new dress into an account and you will be surprised at how quickly you build up your savings.
Look at the amount you have managed to save for 40 days and donate a certain percentage to the needy.

Give out 40 things for 40 days:
Declutter your home during lent. Collect 40 things you can donate every day as you walk around your house. By doing this, you create a routine of cleaning and decluttering guide that lasts even after lent. You can start by choosing one room in the house, reorganizing it, avoid building up junks and giving out to people who need these things instead.

Clean Eating:
Most people habitually take sodas daily, so I can imagine how hard it is to abstain for these carbonated drinks. You can replace your cravings with frozen yoghurts or smoothies as these are healthier. Eat and drink like the poor for 40 days, then donate the money saved on groceries to a charity or project that serves the poor in concrete ways.

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