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Monday, 6 March 2017

4 ways to deal with a horrible boss

Bosses, love them or hate them, determine a lot about your work life. A good boss can influence your career remarkably while a bad one can push you out of a job through frustration.

It can be a boss that micromanages, criticizing all your moves and giving you no space  to use your discretion. Your boss might be unrealistic, handing down impossible deadlines and tasks.

Whatever the form your horrible boss is cast in, there are productive ways to manage the solution. Instead of planning a fool proof murder, use these tips.

Learn about them
Before you give up on your boss, you should take time to  study him. Watch him as he goes about his work. Find out what qualities he demands. Look for the things that trigger his ugly sides.

Most times, you will find out that your perception of your boss is a product of misinformation. It is likely that you and your boss are two different people with diverse outlooks.

As a result you are likely to clash over dissimilar perspectives. Once you find out what your boss wants, it is easier to tailor your work to meet his demands.

A micro -manager might require constant updates while a demanding boss might just require a schedule that would get the job done. Nobody is impossible to work with once you find out what drives them.

Support them
Supporting your boss no matter how bad they seem is never counterproductive. If anything, it makes you stand out as the better person.

This involves you becoming practically indispensable to your boss. You can do this by helping to project their natural strengths while covering up their weaknesses.

If you boss is loud and hands down orders indiscriminately, you can protect his weakness by handling follow up and execution which he is so bad at.

This will definitely see you going over and beyond your job description. You will have to pick up extra work, organize meetings and give feedback.

Pour it into work
A bad boss is no excuse for you to be caught slacking off at work. People on the outside would not put this into consideration when your performance is reviewed.

See your boss as a stop in a long journey. Don’t jeopardize your career by reducing the quality of your work. Your conduct at work may just be your selling point for a new opportunity.

Don’t get hit twice
If you are moving into a new job or a new department,the quality of leadership should be on your mind.

Although you may not be able to gauge a boss by just talking to them, you can talk to their subordinates. This will give you a clear picture of what to expect.

Find out if the workers feel inspired by the leadership. Learn about their accountability structure and the level of creative freedom.

With these easy to practice tips, you do not have to dread facing your boss at work.


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