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Friday, 16 December 2016

4 Natural tips for removing bed bugs

Bed bugs could be a big problem when your home is infested with it. You can be rest assured that they will get to places where you have never imagined it to be. They could get under your cloths, in your beds, and they can have an effect on your health. Let’s now look at four natural ways to eradicate the bed bugs in your home.

1. Thyme
You may be surprised as to what thyme is doing in order to kill bed bugs. According to research, it has been gathered that it is used for medicinal as well as ornamental purposes. This one has a very soothing effect on the nerves and hence it could be inhaled in for a better sleep. For this purpose in the previous times thyme was kept underneath the pillow to inhale the aroma and have a better sleep then. Thyme is sold fresh and also in the dried form. Fresh thyme could no longer be refrigerated for more than 2 weeks.

Regarding its function to kill the bed bugs, it is believed that thyme is used to repel insects as well other little bugs.

Hence, it could used to move the bed bugs away from the place and not kill them because they are only the repellants.

2. Black Wall nuts
These black walnuts are used in traditional sweets during the season of fall holidays. These treats involve cakes, cookies, pies and fudge. Moreover they are also used in confectionary items, ice creams and other such items to add its distinctive and crunchy flavor.

If we look at it from health’s point of view, these contain proteins and unsaturated fatty acids. These unsaturated fatty acids include oleic acid etc which is good for health. Besides this these are also used as dyes to stain cars and sidewalks, porches etc.

Black walnuts are really good for the removing the bed bugs from the affected area. They work as insecticides as well as repellants for the bed bugs. Hence, one can easily use these and cause the bed bugs to repel easily.

3. Hot water
Yes, hot water has a way of getting all your cloths off the grid of bugs. In reality, the steam from the water can pill your skin, and can also do away with your creeping insects.

Bed bugs are tiny little brown coloured creatures found under the mattress or along the wooden frame of the bed. These tiny little creatures suck in the human blood like parasites and leaves marks with rashes.

These rashes could get too itchy and scratching them makes them worse. There a few reasons why these bed bugs develop but there are a number of remedies to free the bed from them. These bed bugs are known for their breeding and multiplication rate and so once they get into an area, it’s not that easy to remove them.

4. Sun light
The natural sunlight has a way of getting to kill all the bugs that may torment you daily. Try as much as possible to sun dry your cloths after washing. The natural sun call kill the bed bugs and all other insects.

When the days are hot and sultry, it feels better to stay at home rather than going out and melting ourselves away. Most of the times what we go through is feeling dehydrated and drained. This is what high beam of sun could do to an active human body. So, when we jump towards the more tiny creatures we can imagine how badly their minute bodies can get affected.

You can keep the mattress directly under the sunlight.

Keep it till the sun rays are at the highest peak.

You can put the mattress inside after that.

Keep on doing this practice for a time period of 7-10 days. This will help in killing the bedbugs almost completely.

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