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Sunday, 31 July 2016

Some ministers are squatting in Abuja - Amaechi

Rotimi Amaechi, minister of transportation, says some ministers are currently squatting in Abuja, adding that they are living like most Nigerians.

Speaking to Osasu Igbinedion, on The Osasu Show, Amaechi, who recently launched the Abuja-Kaduna railway line alongside President Muhammadu Buhari, said the rail line would make housing cheaper in Abuja.

“Listen to me; do you know that ministers, as we are talking now, some of them are squatting? We are living in conditions equal to that of most Nigerians,” he said.

The minister said Nigerians can now live in Kaduna and work in Abuja, while paying less for accommodation in Kaduna.

“For those who don’t have houses, they’re able to rent houses at a cheap cost in Kaduna as against that of Abuja. It also impacts the savings; you have disposable income in your hand. It also impacts on agriculture, agricultural produce, you can transport easily and it will impact on cost of production because at that point, you’re able to move the cargo at a cheaper cost.

“And then whatever comes out of production, will be sold to the people at a cheaper cost. So basically, it has economic importance that would at the end of the day, impact on the socio-economic entities of Kaduna and Abuja.”


The minister said accusations against him are baseless, adding that those calling on Buhari to sack him need evidence to achieve their aim.

“You know I have said I several times, if I was to be the governor, and I have evidence against them, I would go to court.

“Okay, I’m at the court of appeal as former governor and I said ‘can I see the report that says I was indebted’? Till today, they’re not able to produce the report so the case is not able to go on because judges of the court of appeal say ‘we can’t go on except we see the documents to base our judgment on’.

“Till today, Rivers State government is not able to produce the document. So if a man is corrupt, don’t go to radio and TV, produce the evidence.

“No Nigerian is thinking about it; oh Buhari should sack Governor Amaechi he’s corrupt, provide it, he doesn’t need to sack me. What will sack me is to provide the evidence in court; the president will have no choice but to relieve me of my position.”


When asked about the truce with Nyesom Wike, his successor, Amaechi said he had no comment.

“No comments. No, no comments. This interview is about minister of transportation and nothing more,” he said, going on to talk about his “zero-tolerance” for crime.

“I served as governor for eight years. Let one person come forward and say Amaechi supervised the killing of somebody or hired political thugs to go and kill somebody or hired political thugs to disrupt a meeting,” Amaechi said.

“From when I started politics in 1987 till now, I’m looking for the person. In all these madness going on in Rivers State, have you read anywhere in the newspaper where my name is mentioned about killings?

“First, I’m a Christian, I believe that only God can create human beings and if you take life, it is irreplaceable and there is no justification, whether political or religious or anything that can make you take life. If you do that, first, the law should come after you, secondly, your God should judge you.”

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