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Thursday, 13 September 2012

6 Health Benefits From Having Sex With Your Spouse

Having sexual intercourse with your spouse is a wonderful and beautiful way to bond. I know that most women are stimulated mentally and if things aren’t right in the relationship, they lose the urge to have sex.

However, most men are the opposite. Men are stimulated visually. And, I’ve recently heard that it’s a scientific fact that sperm builds up in the testicles every 72 hours. So ladies, now you see why men want to have sex more than you do, in some cases. Instead of moaning and groaning about it, choose to flip the script and reap the many benefits that Sexual Healing can offer:..take a look at the six benefits to be derived by having sex with that man or woman of your dream...

1. Ladies, the next time you have a headache and your spouse wants to have sex, don’t turn him down. Did you know that having an orgasm may relieve that headache for you? It works for men too. Immediately before orgasm, your hormone oxytocin levels rise higher than its normal levels. This releases endorphins which can eliminate most headache pains.

2. Sex is a form of exercise therefore you will burn calories and lose weight. Sex also increases testosterone and that can lead to stronger muscles and bones. Your heart beat raises from 70 beats per minute to 150 beats per minute when you are sexually stimulated and aroused. That’s alot of calorie burning!

3. Sex can reduce the risk of heart disease. Researchers conducted a study in 2001 that focused on cardiovascular health. Their studies showed that men who have sex 3 or more times a week cut their risk of having a heart attack or stroke in half.

4. Sex makes you happy. At least it should! Sexually active couples enjoy life more. And, Dr. Oz, of the Dr. Oz Show, says that having a healthy sex life with your spouse will actually help you live longer.

5. Sex can reduce stress. Studies have shown that after you orgasm your muscles relax. Those same studies also show that couples who engage in sexual intercourse frequently, fulfilling their urges at least twice a week, are less anxious, violent and hostile. It can be considered the perfect tool to find relaxation and comfort after a long strenuous day at work.

6. Last but not least, sex can boost your immune system. Now, this is only if you are having safe sex in a monogamous relationship, preferably marriage. Orgasms can increase our infection-fighting cells up to 20%.

Sexual pleasure isn’t all fun and games. It can actually improve your individual physical and emotional well-being and definitely improve your physical and emotional well-being as a couple. Continue to strive for the best fulfilling, monogamous relationship you can have. It benefits us more than we know.

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